Avocado Quinoa

Tonight the hubby and I were in the mood for something light, refreshing, but filling. A few weeks ago, I made some quinoa and invited my mom over for dinner. Although, she enjoyed it I remembered her mention that it reminded her of the flavors in ceviche. Today, I decided to make those flavors more prominent. The star of tonight’s dinner is essentially the quinoa. Packed with so many vitamins and nutrients this felt like a great choice.

Directions for quinoa:

Boil about 2 cups of water if you make 1/2 cup of quinoa. I’m not sure how other people treat quinoa, but since it’s not something I grew up with it reminds me of pasta and I treat it as is.

While I waited for water to boil I chopped and diced the ingredients:

1 roma tomato

3 medium avocados

3 tablespoons of cilantro

2 limes (squeezed for lime juice)

1/4 cup onion

1 cup of spinach

1 cucumber

mix all ingredients together with 1/4 teaspoon of black pepper and 1/4 teaspoon of sea salt (or to preference).

drain the quinoa and add it to mixture once it has cooled

With this side dish I made a pan seared chicken breast filet with olive oil and light lemon pepper seasoning

and voila here’s the final product.



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